The BLUE WHALE is the Mascot for the JAL House. The spirit of the Jal House is represented by the blue whale. The team of Jal House comes together in perfect unity as symbolized by the blue whale and its vastness. Its power and majestic grace is what explains the house the best.


The PHOENIX is the Mascot for the AGNI House. The spirit of Agni House is represented by the fierce Phoenix, the bird of fire. Its birth from ashes symbolizes the zeal of Agni House to rise up and excel from any position. The fire of the phoenix suggests the true spirit of Agni House.


The EAGLE is the Mascot for the  VAYU House. The spirit of Vayu House is represented by the eagle. The king of mountains and steep cliffs, the eagle, symbolizes the dangerous assent of Vayu House on the field. With unerring precision of the eagle, the Vayu House grabs every opportunity to prove itself from time to time.


The LION is the Mascot for the PRITHVI House. The spirit of the Prithvi House is represented by the lion. The roaring spirit of the lion symbolizes the fierce yet humble nature of the house. The most applaudable characteristic of Prithvi for which the lion stands for, is its innate strength.