A developmentally appropriate approach meets the needs of all children. The curriculum is comprehensive and it supports all round development of young children as it is based on sound principles of child development. It is an established fact that children learn best when they are actively involved in the process of learning. They are provided experiences, which are activity oriented and begin with manipulation of concrete objects.

Underlying the developmentally appropriate active learning approach are certain broad curriculum goals for children:-

  • To develop a positive self- concept, self- control and self confidence.
  • To develop a sense of belonging, relationship of mutual trust and respect for adults and peers
  • develop a curiosity about the world,
  • To develop their own creative and imaginative ability
  • To use language to communicate effectively.
  • To learn and use skills of reading, writing and number work.
  • To think critically, to reason and solve problems.
  • To construct an understanding of relationships among objects, people and events.

The curriculum includes developmentally appropriate activities that support play, and physical relationships which help to make children HAPPY. The Curriculum is designed, keeping the National ECE Curriculum framework as a reference point.