The school comprises of a four storey structure with spacious classrooms and corridors. The ground floor houses the Administrative section, Offices and Conference room, the classes of the Infant section, the Infant section Library, an Activity room, the Pantry, a Sick Bay and the inverter room.

The first floor plays host to the Assembly area, the Canteen, the Gymnasium and an Audio Visual room. The home rooms of classes 1 to 4, the counsellor’s comfortable recluse, the Art room, the Library and the Work Experience room are all on the second floor.

The home rooms of classes 5 to 8, an Activity hall, the Music room and the Maths Lab are all on the third floor.

The fourth floor has classes 9 & 10, the Reading room, the Computer lab, and the Physics, Chemistry & Biology labs. The sense of space and freedom are conducive to learning.


The infrastructure is contemplated to provide physical space and movement freedom. The class rooms are attractively and functionally designed. Adequate open spaces are available for playing and free-intermingling. Role of technology as a vehicle to superior and rapid development is recognized through programmed exposure to sufficient number of updated computers.

The books in the library, the work tables and the material in the work experience room, the encouraging canvas for art work, the beckoning of the activity room and gymnasium, the aromas from the canteen, the equipment in the labs, the melodious resonance from the music room, all support classroom based activities.

The Assembly area is a Temple of harmony and well-being, bringing together students, teachers, parents and grandparents on a unique platform.